Reliv Independent Distributor
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Phil and Liz Cone
As entrepreneurs, we were searching for an opportunity. We found it through an incredible company called Reliv. We considered that for a company to offer a  30 day 100 percent money back guarantee and a 100 percent business buy back guarantee while remaining profitable for so long, they must be doing something right. Since Reliv is in 16 countries we can live the life we want anywhere; we chose Buffalo Wyoming.

With science and patents backing our products, we have achieved an incredible quality of health. Restless leg and back discomfort no longer control our lives. We are able to sail through allergy season and the Reliv products help support healthy blood sugars levels. We now have the choice to do the things we love. Prevention is our passion!

Success in Reliv is a simple cycle: let others teach you the business, learn to teach others, and then repeat the process again and again. We tell people from the very first day that we will match their efforts!

Today we enjoy a lifestyle and freedom that wasn't possible in our past careers. Together we share an endless amount of energy helping others achieve their goals, whether it's with their health or their finances.

Reliv is a great opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others!

Phil and Liz